tell me some important questions of manufacturing industries by cbse point of view


tell me some important questions of manufacturing industries by cbse point of view

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     Important Questions CBSE Class 10th : Social Science Year 2009 (Solved)
    (Manufacturing Industries)

    Question .1. Name three physical factors that affect location of industries?
    Answer : The physical factors that affect location of industries are:-
    (i) Raw materials (ii) Water (iii) Power resources (iv) Climate.

    Question .2. Name three human inputs that control location of industries?
    Answer : The human inputs that control location of industries are:-
    (i) Labour (ii) Market (iii) Transport.

    Question .3. What are light industries?
    Answer : Light industries are industries that use light raw material to produce light goods.

    Question .4. Name four important cotton textile centre of Maharastra?
    Answer : (i) Mumbai (ii) Sholapur (iii) Nagpur (iv) Pune.

    Question .5. Name two most important sugar producing states of India?
    Answer : (i) Uttar Pradesh (ii) Maharastra.

    Question .6. Name two iron and steel producing plants each of Karnataka and West Bengal?
    Answer : (i) Karnataka – Bhadrawati (ii) West Bengal – Burnpur

    Question .7. Name five electronic goods producing centre of India?
    Answer : Electronic goods producing centre are:-
    (i) Chennai (ii) Hydrabad (iii) Mumbai (iv) Kolkata (v) delhi.

    Question . 8. What is the annual production of cement in the country at present?
    Answer : 100 million tones.

    Question .9. Name three engine manufacturing centre?
    Answer : Engine producing centre are:-
    (i) Jamshedpur in Jharkhand.(ii) Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.(iii) Chittaranjan in West Bengal

    Question .10. Name four industries causing water pollution?
    Answer : The industries causing water pollution are:-
    (i) Textiles (ii) Tannery (iii) Petroleum (iv) Paper pulp

    Question .11. Name some woolen textile centre in the North and South?
    Answer : (i) North – Dhariwal and Ludhiana in Punjab.(ii) South – Bangalore

    Question .12. Why are most of the jute mills of India located in West Bengal?
    Answer : Most of the jute mills are located in West Bengal due to:-
    (i) Jute producing area is close to the jute mill.(ii) Water is available in plenty.(iii) Labour are cheap.(iv) Water transport is cheap.(v) Port facility available. (vi) Banking and insurance facility available.

    Question .13. Why is the iron and steel industry located in peninsular India only?
    Answer :Iron and steel industry is located in peninsular India as:-
    (i) This is a heavy industry (ii) Iron is available(iii) Coal is available in close proximity.(iv) Other raw materials like limestone, dolomite, etc. are available.(v) Transport system is available.

    Question . 14. Describe briefly the distribution of textile industry in India?
    Answer :(i) Gujarat – Ahmedabad , Surat, Rajkot.(ii) Maharastra – Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur

    Question .15. Describe briefly the distribution of silk textile industry in India?
    Answer :(i) Karnataka – Bangalore, Mysore. (ii) West Bengal – Murshidabad, Bankura.(iii) Jammu and Kashmir – Srinagar, Baramula, Anantnag.

    Question .16. Differentiate between Cotton textile and Iron & steel?
    Answer :

    Cotton textile

    Iron & steel

    1. An agro-based industry.

    1. A mineral based industry.

    2. A light industry.

    2. A heavy industry.

    3. Labour insentive.

    3. Capital intensive.

    4. A consumer industry.

    4. A basic industry.

    Question .17. Differentiate between Agro-based Industries and Mineral-based Industries?
    Answer :

    Agro-based Industries

    Mineral-based Industries

    1. Raw materials are derived from agriculture, e.g. jute.

    1. Raw materials are obtained from minerals, e.g. iron.

    2. These are light industries.

    2. These are heavy industries.

    3. Are consumer industries.

    3. Are basic industries.

    4. Spread all over the country.

    4. Located where raw materials are available.

    Question .18. Give an account of the sugar industry in India?
    Answer : This industry is based on sugarcane which is heavy, weight losing and perishable. Hence the mills are located very close to the sugarcane producing areas. 50% of sugar mills are in Uttar Pradesh and Maharastra.

    Question .19. Most of the cotton textile mills located in Maharastra and Gujarat. Why?
    Answer : (i) Availability of raw material i.e. cotton.(ii) Labour is available in plenty.(iii) Power plants are available in plenty.(iv) Market is also available.

    Question .20. Account for the synthetic fibres under the headings?
    (i) Raw material(ii) Advantage(iii) Distribution.
    Answer : (i) Raw materials : – wood pulp, coal and petroleum.(ii) Advantage : – finishing is better, durable, strength.
    (iii) Distribution : – West Bengal, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat.

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