mention three works carried out by NDRF in times of disaster​


mention three works carried out by NDRF in times of disaster​

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    What are the activities carried out in post disaster explain it?

    While Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness include Pre-disaster activities focussed on reducing the human and property losses caused by a potential hazard; Response, Recovery and Reconstruction include the Post-disaster initiatives taken in response to a disaster with a purpose to achieve early recovery and …



    1. Evacuate people and animals and shift them to safe shelters before a cyclone strikes.

    2. Search and rescue people

    3. Retrieve dead bodies

    4. Distribute relief material such as tarpaulin, food packets, water bottles, medicine, clothes and blankets to the affected people

    5. Provide medical assistance. use water ambulance in case of floods.

    6. Remove fallan and uprooted trees to clear roads.

    7. Extinguish forest fires and save the surrounding life and property.

    8. Help in reconstruction of disaster-affected areas.

    9. Conduct community preparedness programme, such as community awareness, school safety and exercises, to make India a disaster resilient Nation.

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