if they meet dialogue writing first Mahatma Gandhi and ISRO director second Mahatma Gandhi and students


if they meet dialogue writing first Mahatma Gandhi and ISRO director second Mahatma Gandhi and students

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    Following is a dialogue between Mahatma Gandhi and students. It is according to option no.2


    Student 1: Oh My God, Bapu, I cannot believe that we are meeting you. Such a great personality you are.

    Student 2: Bapu, you are my idol.

    Mahatma Gandhi: Thankyou my beloved children. I appreciate the love and respect you have for me. I am here to talk to you about the struggle for freedom, today.

    Student 2: Bapu, what does freedom mean to you?

    Mahatma Gandhi: My dear, freedom is the ability to be heard. When you have been able to communicate your feelings and message to the world so that you can stand by what is right. That is what freedom is for me, when we can speak the truth, when we can be real in ourselves and our practices.

    Student 3: Bapu, is it true that you believe in non violent protests for freedom?

    Mahatma Gandhi: Yes my dear.

    Student 1: But how will we get heard if we do not scream and fight for our rights?

    Student 2: And how will we make a mark, that “we too need to be heard because we matter”?

    Mahatma Gandhi: To answer both your questions, I will say that indeed we need to be heard. However, the mechanism through which we will get attention differs. We have seen violence in the world. What result did we get? Nothing. So why not try a softer, pleasant and peaceful protest. Because silence is a killer too.


    Students and Mahatma Gandhi meet one day.

    Students (together): Namaste Bapu.

    Mahatma Gandhi : Namaste.

    (Students start conversing with him one by one)

    1st student : Bapu, how are you? How do you find today’s India?

    Gandhi: Children,I am very proud that India has done such a progress in these years.

    2nd student : Now all have become aware of cleanliness. We, in our college, are conducting cleanliness drive, road safety programmes etc.

    Gandhi : Very good gesture my children!! I am aware that you all are becoming aware of your well-being. I had seen dream of Clean India and  now you are trying to make it a reality.

    3 rd student :We are also trying to make our nation self sufficient. Recently ISRO became successful in sending unmanned Chandrayaan2 on Moon’s south pole.

    Gandhi : That seems a real progress in space technology. But my real mission was to make each and every individual self sufficient. That’s why I always propagated the idea GO TO VILLAGES. If we become successful in making every person self sufficient the nation will make real progress.

    Students : ( Together) Yes Bapu.You are right. We will try to fulfill your wish.

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