disaster management project report “know disaster,no disaster”


disaster management project report “know disaster,no disaster”

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    Disaster Risk Reduction Management has been a crucial program in our country for many years now as it affects the entire nation in every aspect. Cagayan de Oro is one of the cities which experiences disasters and it seems that people are not that prepared for disasters as they are expected to be.

    The NSTP-EB class of Xavier Ateneo held a presentation of data from a survey conducted on disaster awareness and readiness of the Xavier University community, dubbed as “Know Disaster, No Disaster” last December 14, 2019 at the XU Science Center.

    The survey was facilitated from September-November 2019 and supervised by Julemer Ann G Aying, project manager of MindaCELLs of the XU Engineering Resource Center (ERC); Dennise Edwina S Gonzales, XU-NSTP director; and Jericho Ramayan, class formator. The survey focused on evaluating the disaster readiness of the students, faculty, formators, and staff.

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