1) What are the advantageous and disadvantageous
factors affecting population ?​


1) What are the advantageous and disadvantageous
factors affecting population ?​

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    Disadvantageous factors

    • Climate

    An extreme climate such very hot and very cold makes uncomfortable for the human habitation. Hilly regions make harsh climate for transportation and network facility which will make very difficult to make human habitation in such places.

    • Soil

    People prefer the fertility of soil before the habitation. Fertile soils are significant for agricultural and associated activities. Therefore people will not prefer soil which is not fertile.

    • Water

    Water is the most important factor in life. People have a preference over the places where there is fresh water availability. Then the regions like deserts and barren land will not be preferred by the habitats.

    Advantageous factors

    • Urbanization

    Urbanization makes a favourable condition for the people because of technological development in urban areas. This technological development will attract people to employment opportunities, better education, health care, etc.

    • Industrialization

    Industrial belts offer job opportunities and magnetize large numbers of people. These comprise not just industrial unit workers but also transport operators, shopkeepers, bank employees, doctors, teachers, and other service providers.

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