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Top Journalism Specialisations In India

Top Journalism Specialisations In India

1. Environmental journalism:

If you have a passion for nature and would love to study the environmental policies in India, then this is a specialization that’s worth your time!

Environmental journalists sometimes also focus on animal rights, fish farming and other conservation matters too.

Here are some skills that could be handy to have- ป Understanding of environmental laws and regulations ป Knowledge of how certain natural resources will be used up or replenished over time ป Botanical knowledge about medicinal plants svarning trackers with hunting dogs)

The work includes highlighting companies who take sustainability practices seriously as well as those who do not – which allows readers to make more informed choices. And the Indian subcontinent includes an incredibly diverse range of plants, birds, insects and animals.

2. International Relations:

As a global powerhouse, India’s foreign policy is no secret – but understanding it better could give you a step up in the world of IR!

This specialization will cover global events from China to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan – and with a population of over 1 billion, India’s role in the world is only going to become more important.

3. Defence:

If you’re looking at studying law and/or journalism, then this specialization could be your cup of tea!

This degree path will take you through Indian history from ancient times to the 21st century, and through understanding the political history of one of the world’s largest countries.

If you’re keen on seeing society beyond your own front door, this is a great option. ป Mapping the enemies’ strategy against India ป Understanding its Armed Forces’ strategies ป Understanding various treaties that have been signed with different countries

4. Economics:

India’s economy is one of the largest in the world, and its human development index (HDI) has also risen exponentially!

If you’re interested in studying how humans use natural resources to advance themselves, then this specialization could be very rewarding for you!

Some subtopics that might interest you are- ป How different parts of India are being developed through various projects ป How the Indian economy is growing despite its challenges ป Understanding the impact of political parties on economic policies

5. Political science:

The discipline has wide-ranging application in understanding politics, government and other institutions within different fields like sociology, psychology and law.

Taking this specialization would allow you to go deep into the many facets of politics in India, from campaigns and elections to international relations.

6. International Politics:

Another specialization that focuses on Indian foreign policy! This option will take a closer look at the country’s role in global affairs and how it is affected by other nations.

It’ll also cover events like terrorism, nuclear weapons and war – so you’ll need to find someone with a very steady head for this one.


It’s clear that India has so much to offer students – regardless of your interests or specializations, there are courses you can take in the country.

And with many universities around the world offering student exchange programs, getting more than just a degree may be on your horizon too!

Do let us know if you’re looking at studying abroad in India- we can help!

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