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12:4+4*3-6:3 = ? ( )

8 Effective Tips to Study Maths

8 Effective Tips to Study Maths

You know it’s been a long day when the only thing you want to do is study mathematics. But why drag out this experience even further by doing anything but studying? Trying to get past that language barrier, solving equations- these are just some of the reasons why mathematics may not be your favorite subject. You thought learning maths was going to be difficult – turns out, no one told you about these 8 Math Study Tips! 

1) Understand Number Values:

Every digit has a value, and together they can make up any number from 0 to 999 or any two-digit number from 00 to 99

2) Grouping Numbers in Intervals of Tens:

The numbers 10-19 form their own group

3) Addition Is Just Like Goal Post:

If you imagine the numbers as a football field, then doing addition is like moving the goal posts closest to each other

4) Integer Play:

Integers 1. Negative integers -1, -2, and so on 2. Positive integers +3, +4 5. Zero 0 6. Fractions 7. Decimals 8. Negative fractions -1/2

5) Graphs Aren’t Scary:

Just take a quick glance at the axes and the x-y plane, count the number of bars representing a set number, and you’ve got your answer!

6) Draw a Line:

To find the slope of a line, simply draw two lines perpendicular to it, then use some simple math to solve for the answer!

7) When in Doubt, Do the Time Warp:

Plug in any time into your math equation, and you’ll get your answer! Also known as trial & error. This is great for finding specific answers to certain problems.

8) Don’t Let Your Imagination Get the Best of You:

You’re probably used to drawing out geometric shapes to solve for certain problems, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you can find quick shortcuts!

Just remember – there’s nothing wrong with not liking mathematics. If you do, then good for you- math sure is great! Happy studying!

So while studying may not be your idea of fun, these 6 Math Study Tips will surely help you get through it. Conquering maths isn’t impossible- just keep at it and remember that practice makes perfect!


Lately I have been in this article writing mood. My family calls me the “info-mercial.” So, this being said here are 2 more articles that I hope at least one person will benefit from.

I hope you all enjoyed these math study tips! Please leave a comment if they helped you or not. I would also appreciate it if you would share this on your social media. Thanks! Have a good day everyone!

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12:4+4*3-6:3 = ? ( )