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8 best stress busters for college students

8 best stress busters for college students

Stress is a fact of life for college students. No matter how much you love your school, there are many factors that can cause stress to build up in the form of anxiety and chronic worry. These include worries about grades, lack of sleep, family issues, finances and everything else that falls under the umbrella of “adulting”. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to manage or even completely eliminate these concerns from your life! Here are eight best ways I’ve found to make college less stressful. 

1. Create a playlist of your favorite songs & put on headphones whenever you have a tough assignment or test going on in the background so you can head into bubble, zen-mode and focus!

2. Find something funny to giggle about–watching a funny YouTube video, getting together with friends for a round of Cards Against Humanity or just taking yourself way too seriously by pretending that everything is “serious face” from now until June because it’s been scientifically proven that laughter reduces stress levels.

3. Pack your backpack for class each morning following the three golden rules: Keep it tight – carry no more than 20 pounds total inside your bag at any one time; avoid fumbling through messy locker rooms – pack items neatly and put them back the same way every time you use them; always keep it classy – organize items by size, color or type.

4. At home, distract yourself from the piles of dishes in the sink and laundry still waiting to be folded with lots of distractions! Create a playlist for your favorite workout tunes, bake some chocolate chip cookies and let yourself indulge in a few, or watch the latest episode of The Mindy Project on Hulu–no judgement here!

5. At night, get super cozy by layering on sweatshirt after sweatshirt, then break out your fuzzy slippers for shut-eye dreaming. All set to shut out the world? Goodnight! Turn off all electronics at least one hour before bedtime to ensure a good night’s sleep–your body needs it! Don’t forget to take off your makeup–it’s clogging up your pores and giving you pimples!

6. Have a favorite song that gets you pumped for the day? Try using that song to get yourself out of bed, then play it again in the afternoon when you need a refresher!

7. Remember to always be thankful for each day–there’s always something good going on in your life, even when you think there isn’t!

8. Never stop smiling and laughing–it is scientifically proven that laughter reduces stress levels and makes us happier!


Stress: ​is a fact of life for many college students, but there are ways to manage it and eliminate it from your life! Remember to take care of yourself and follow these eight best ways I’ve found on my journey so far. Keep calm and be smart about college

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