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How to write answers that will fetch you good marks

How to write answers that will fetch you good marks

Answer to your questions on how to get good marks. This detailed guide unlocks the secrets to answering any question with confidence and expertise.

 Learn how essay writing isn’t just about blindly following directions but rather understanding what they are asking for and how to write an answer that will fetch you good marks. Inside this book, you’ll find plenty of advice – including past year questions, blogging techniques, cultivating vocabulary skills, using resources well-developed habits of note taking – everything you need in order to become a confident essay writer!

Packed full with tips and tricks, this is the only resource you need to get good marks in your essay writing.

This guide includes:

– What You Need to Know About Writing an Essay

Exploring the Do’s and Don’ts of Essay Writing

Using Resources Properly

Cultivating Vocabulary Skills

How to Approach Your Past Questions with Expertise

Structuring Your Essay for Maximum Appeal

Acing Any Question You’re Asked!         

– Practical Tips for Writing an Essay

Developing a Succinct and Engaging Introduction

How to Structure Your Essay into a Logical Argument

Mind-Mapping for Better Note Taking         

– Using Resources Properly                 

Getting Past the Clutter of Information      

Understanding Documents, Summaries and Excerpts          

Using Electronic Resources Wisely      

– Getting Started: Before You Write Your Essay    

Which Questions to Answer                  

Planning Your Essay in Advance                  

Taking a Vantage Point in Your Essay              

– Developing Your Ideas: The Introduction and First Body Paragraph        

Developing Your Introduction               

How to Engage the Reader in the First Paragraph               

Establishing Your Thesis in the First Paragraph                              

Crafting an Engaging and Powerful Argument                  

  Posing a Logical Question or Problem        

– Developing Your Ideas: The Second and Third Body Paragraphs    

How to Cover Your Bases in the Second Paragraph                   

  Showing You’ve Addressed the Topic                ‎

Using Evidence to Support Your Argument                               

– Developing Your Ideas: The Final Body Paragraph                       

Bringing Your Argument to a Close                          

Signalling an End to Your Essay                        

How To Pick Up More Marks for Your Essay            

 How to Make an Impact with the Conclusion                           

 ‘Acing’ the Conclusion by Closing With Confidence

– How to Write a Conclusion That Scores High Marks         

 The Effective Conclusion      

Closing With Confidence                                     

  Leaving the Reader with a Lasting Impression                           

  Summing Up Your Argument in a Few Sentences               

  Posing a Question or Problem for the Reader to Consider                           

  How to Answer Exam Questions

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