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10 mistakes you must avoid in a Group Discussion

10 mistakes you must avoid in a Group Discussion

In a Group Discussion, it’s important to avoid these 10 mistakes.

1. Don’t be late to the discussion:

Being on time is essential for arriving prepared and not inconveniencing other members of the group.

2. Prepare beforehand:

To make sure you have all your information handy before going into a discussion, create an outline or list of points beforehand so that you can stay focused during the meeting and prepare a few talking points in advance.

3. Speak up! 

It’s easy to become shy when people are around us who we don’t know very well; but getting involved with discussions is one of the best ways to learn about new topics and increase your vocabulary while also improving your confidence levels in public speaking situations. 

4. Don’t be too shy to ask questions if you don’t understand what is being discussed. 

For example, asking “Can I have a repetition of that last point?” or “can you give an example?” will help to ensure everyone stays on the same page and is involved in the discussion. 

5. Don’t ignore the speaker:

The best way to learn is by paying close attention during a discussion and asking questions if you don’t understand something.

6. Participate from your desk:

One of the biggest mistakes that people make during discussions is not participating from their desk, standing up or moving around can make you more excited about the meeting and make it easier to speak up.

7. Avoid side conversations:

This means that one member of the group will be distracted by talking with another person taking part in the discussion, which distracts other members of the group who may also become involved in these conversations. It’s best to keep your attention on the main speaker.

8. Don’t interrupt or correct other members of the group:

It’s important to respect everyone in the group, so avoid trying to change the opinions of others by using a condescending tone and don’t argue with others as these actions will not help you win over other people to your opinion. By respecting others, you will make the group discussion a more positive and productive experience.

9. Don’t monopolize:

If you take up all the speaking time in a group discussion, other members of the group won’t have a chance to participate causing everyone’s opinions not to be shared. Make sure that you allow for each member of the group to participate equally.

10. Don’t forget to document your points:

It’s important that you take notes on everything discussed during the meeting, if you don’t write these key points down, then they will be lost and you won’t have a record of what was said.


Some of these points might seem a little obvious, but it’s always good to review the rules for a successful discussion so that everyone can have a chance to contribute.

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This article was written by Jeff Wilson, who is currently studying at Uxbridge College, London. He is studying A-levels in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.

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