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The 6 Types of Essays Every Student Needs to Know

The 6 Types of Essays Every Student Needs to Know

There are four common methods used in writing essays. These include narrative, description, exposition and argumentation. The writer should be familiar with the usage of these rhetorical modes when composing an essay to achieve better results

Personal essays

In a personal essay, you should focus on something that has personally impacted your life. It could be an event from the past or one currently occurring in your daily experience which have shaped who you are today.

Political essays

Famous political essays written by influential thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes, John Rawls, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau have been assigned in history classes. These pieces discuss how society should be governed and the changes needed to implement a better system.

Compare-and-contrast essays

In a compare-and-contrast essay, the author writes about two different subjects and they make comparisons between them. They then contrast these differences by writing more in depth into what makes each of them unique from one another.

In a compare-and-contrast essay, you might be asked to write about two historical figures from the period being studied in your course. Or perhaps something more specific is required: You may be assigned an argument between several individuals on some aspect of life during that time and told to elucidate how each position was developed by presenting evidence for or against it. In any case, these essays typically involve comparing at least two subjects so as not better understand them when compared with one another…

College (application) essays

College essays are just one of many different types of writing you’ll complete in college. Unless you apply to graduate school or another kind of specific academic program, all your essay-writing will come before college even starts!

The college application essay, also known as the personal statement, provides an opportunity for students to highlight their personality traits and experiences that make them a good fit for the colleges they are applying to. These essays must be submitted alongside high school transcripts in order to gain admission into these institutions of higher education.

Analytical essays

Analytical essays are pieces of expository writing; the goal with these is to present facts by interpreting content. This type of essay might be asked about themes in a novel or ideas presented in political writings. It drills down into core components and reaches conclusions after thoroughly working through them all, so you will need to carefully read everything that’s assigned before jumping into any sort of analysis!

Analytical essays are generally focused on textual analysis. This form of writing is typically about how a movie or short story communicates its theme by discussing the ways it does so. For example, one might write an analytical essay about Up’s themes including love being defined as actions fueled by promises fulfilled to others and not necessarily romantic relationships only

Argumentative essays

For example, an argumentative essay assignment might be to take a position about the school’s policy of not allowing students to enroll in more than two AP courses and support this stand with data.

Humorous essays

A third type of essay you might find yourself reading or writing is the humorous one. This kind of essay aims to entertain and elicit laughs in its reader, using a personal story or satire on current events respectively. As long as it’s funny and an essay,

Another kind of essay you might find yourself reading or writing is the humorous one. This genre tries to entertainingly tell stories about oneself that are meant for laughter while also commenting satirically on newsworthy topics through use humor too!

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